Revised  1/5/18

 1.  Please write in steno, as accurately as you possibly can, the number of times indicated on each Perfect Copy page.  If there is nothing indicated, then write the exercise once.  If writing each exercise only once is not enough practice for you, please feel free to write it as many times as you like. 

*Note:  There are two different speed building packets, 60 to 80 and 100 to 200.  Be sure you have the correct P.C. packet.  For the drill practice, please refer to the drill guidelines posted on our website.

 2.  Please disregard any unexplained double slash marks, put in all punctuation, and use correct pronunciation.

 3.  Please use your briefs from Theory as much as possible for added practice. I realize we have several students who have learned different theories from what we teach here.  If there is a “brief” assignment page, use the briefs that you've been taught, unless you like some of the ones listed better.  Don't forget to note on the brief list how you will be writing that brief so you will consistently write it the same way each time you write it.

*Note:  This is an excellent opportunity to build your dictionary.

4. Proofread your notes when you're finished and correct them with a pen or pencil to make them as “perfect” as possible.  This will help you identify any misstrokes you have so you can fix them now.  If you make a list of your misstrokes and practice them until you eliminate them, you will be amazed at how much faster you will pass speed tests, acquire your CSR license, and begin working as a Certified Shorthand Reporter.

5.  Please label your “paper steno notes” or “8 ½ by 11 printed notes” in handwriting with your name, due date, week number, and page number before the beginning of each new P.C. page.  This is so you don't lose track of where you left off and for my ease in grading also.

6.   Next, place your Perfect Copy assignment for the week by its due date in the basket on the first desk in the front office so it can be date-stamped.  If you are absent on the due date, you must turn in your assignment(s) as soon as you return to school. 

                                      INSTRUCTOR'S NOTES

*Note: Any missing P.C. homework, Must-Types, or Spelling/Vocabulary homework will mean that you will not be allowed to move up in speed, and it will have a negative impact on your grade.

Please keep in close contact with each instructor regarding any personal issues that might interfere with homework being turned in on time.  We are  very understanding and accommodating.  

Deposition reporting is, more than likely, what you will be doing after you receive your CSR license.  If you become proficient at writing clean notes and being able to easily read your notes now, you'll be a reporter who is in demand.  What that means now is practice, practice, practice.  Establish a practice routine at home, not just at school.  It will be worth it, because deposition attorneys request reporters who produce accurate and timely transcripts, and that means those reporters earn more. 

Making the most of this court reporting program is entirely up to you, and you will get out of it what you put into it.  Success is up to you. 

If you have any questions regarding Perfect Copy homework, please do not hesitate to text Tina at 661-203-5138.